I am not a real estate professional.   

Like many of you, I am simply looking to make good investments with  the reality of having limited time and knowledge . In doing so, I have recently ventured into Real Estate Crowdfunding.     

This blog is dedicated to shaing my experiences, both positive and negative, in order to provide YOU with the best real estate crowdfunding investing experience to maximize your profits. Each blog post will review a specific company or give you the information you need to begin investing and start making money!

I look forward to inviting some pros in real estate investing to help us reach our goal of gaining knowledge and increasing our odds of obtaining good investment returns.   Please feel free to share your experiences in this relatively new area so we can also learn from one another. 

I have some experience in investment properties, both residential and commercial.   These experiences strenthen my hopes that real estate crowdfunding is a better way to go.     I would like to have increased financial returns with less risk and less headaches.  I currently still own one piece of commercial real estate which I lease to another party.   However, I built this medical office building in 2008 for my eye surgery practice.    I have since relocated states.  The building is listed for sale but currently cashflows well so I am not willing to price as aggressively as needed to sell quickly. 

I am encouraged that Real Estate Crowdfunding will be the answer and do not currently plan to invest in individual pieces of property.    Besides my medical building, I no longer own any real estate except for my family's home.     My goal is preservation of the money that I have saved as well as a reasonable rate of growth.     I would like to provide for my family, including my wife and three children (ages 14-20).     Our oldest has autism and will need life long care.   College education for the other children and eventual retirement for my wife and I are also financial goals.

How much to invest in real estate versus stocks, bonds, and other investments is still a question that is not clearly answered in my own situation.    No one has a crystal ball but a certain level of diversification is likely prudent.   However, real estate crowdfunding is currently my favorite place to invest.

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